Intrafi Network Deposits

Intrafi Network Deposits (formerly known as CDARS, or Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service) are used primarily to FDIC insure funds greater than $250,000 being held at one financial institution. Acting as custodian, the bank places the available funds ($10,000 minimum required) into CD’s using multiple banks within a special network via Intrafi Network’s Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service.



  • Let NPB eliminate the time and hassle of manually consolidating interest disbursements and 1099 statements, with multiple banks. There is no need to rate shop when you can conveniently earn one competitive rate on your entire investment without lifting a finger.
  • Receive statements that list all issuing banks that your money is distributed to, along with interest earned, maturity dates and balances. So investments can been seen and read as if it was invested with NPB alone.
  • By filling out a Customer Request for Account Placement agreement, you the customer can pick the term of the CD, the interest payment frequency (if the interest is paid at the month end, quarter end, semiannual, year end, or at maturity). Also, leaving you the choice of determining the interest being credited to principal balance, by check, transfer or credited to an account.
  • Stop searching for available banks to place your investments. By choosing Intrafi Network Deposits through NPB, you allow your money to work for the local community, while keeping your funds safe, secure and working for you.

Available Investment Terms

  • 26-week
  • 52-week
  • 2-year
  • 3-year
  • 5-year

Penalties for early withdrawal may apply. Interest will accrue daily up to the date, but not on the maturity date. If the maturity date should fall on a non-business date, then the funds will be paid out the following business day.

**Ask a New Peoples Bank representative for specific rates

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