Health Savings Accounts (HSA)


Give your employees the opportunity to take control of their healthcare savings with an HSA from New Peoples Bank.

This will allow them to make the decisions that best fit themselves and their family. Offering a Health Savings Account (HSA) program to your employees may help them pay for qualified medical expenses such as co-payments, some over-the-counter medications and even health insurance deductibles. Since HSA balances continue to roll over from year to year, your employees may be able to budget their health expenses and save to cover other medical expenses if required.


  • Open this account with only 100.00
  • Account is FDIC insured
  • Interest earned is tax-free
  • Yearly contributions are limited to your health plan's deductible
  • Subject to a yearly individual and family contribution limit
  • Persons aged 55 and older can make additional contributions to assist with future needs


  • Contributions and interest earned are tax free
  • Each individual owns their HSA, and it is their own responsibility to maintain
  • You may choose to contribute to your employees' HSA as an added benefit

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