Online Banking: Instant Access Registration

Step One

Complete the First Time user Authentication sections.

In this section you will be asked personal information and a password so that we can verify your identity. Please see below for further information regarding the password.

If you are currently enrolled in telephone banking and wish to enroll in online banking your first time user password will be your current telephone banking PIN.

If you are NOT currently enrolled in telephone banking your first time user password will be the month and date of your birth in this format (MMDD).

If your date of birth is February 23, 1974, your First Time User password will be: 0223

Step Two

Identity Verification Questions

You will be asked identity verification questions (These questions are things for which only YOU will know the answer. They're designed to keep someone from fraudulently gaining access to your accounts).

If you fail to answer the questions correctly you will be taken back to step 1 to verify your password once again. At this point when you hit submit you will receive new identity verification questions to answer.

Step Three

Create your own Access ID and Password

Your password will need to be between 8 and 17 characters, and contain a combination of letters and numbers.

Your Username and Password are case sensitive.

(Ongoing Password changes are not required; however, it is recommended that you change your password on a routine basis to help keep your personal account information private and secure. Repeated use of the same password or using "weak" passwords can leave you vulnerable to becoming a victim of identity theft.)

Step Four:

Security Enrollment

Complete the Email address and 3 challenge questions to set up your online security.

Step Five:


Accept the Terms and Conditions of the online service and choose to enroll in eStatements and/or NPB Mobile.

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