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Discontinuation of Popmoney
Effective December 31, 2022, Popmoney will no longer be available. This service will be discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you used Popmoney previously, please review the following information:

What should I do to prepare?
Notify your contacts that you will no longer be using Popmoney and arrange an alternate payment method. Please cancel all recurring payments. You may also want to make record of your Popmoney transaction history. This information may not be available after December 31st.

What if I am expecting to receive Popmoney payments after December 31st?
Popmoney will no longer be available and the transaction will not be completed. Please arrange an alternate payment method to receive the funds.

What happens to my future dated Popmoney payments?
Popmoney payments processed before December 31st will be sent within our Online Banking. As of December 31, you will need to use an alternate payment method.

Will I still be able to receive money through Popmoney?
We will still be able to process outside Popmoney transactions that our customers receive from individuals who bank where the service is still provided. This discontinuation only impacts New People’s Bank partnership with Popmoney and providing it as a service to our customers.

What happens to my recurring payments or requests for payment that I have set up?
These schedules will stop automatically for anything past December 31st.

What happens if I already have a one-time payment scheduled to happen after December 31st?
Anything scheduled beyond December 31st will not process, and you will need to complete that payment in another manner.

Once Popmoney is gone, what do I use to pay other people? Are you replacing it with something else?
We do not currently have a replacement P2P service that New Peoples Bank will be partnering with, nor will we provide an option inside our mobile banking app.
Standard solutions that are available for you to use in place of Popmoney moving forward would be Venmo or Paypal. While these are not endorsed by New Peoples Bank, they are popular options. Please follow the same security precautions with these services as you would with any payment system.
Alternatively, New Peoples Bank has the following mobile payment options available that are a secure alternative option for P2P:
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay

Why aren't you replacing Popmoney with another service inside online banking and the mobile app?
Your security and the protection of your finances are still top priorities for New Peoples Bank. When person-to-person payment solutions were new and it was risky for customers to find these solutions on their own, we made the investment to provide a service our customers could trust.
However, in the many years since we first offered Popmoney, the popularity of person-to-person payment platforms has grown, and technology has come a very long way. We found that the vast majority of our customers have already adopted outside person-to-person payment systems that they preferred over Popmoney. The leaders in this area provide similar protections, and access is open to anyone, regardless of where they bank. Essentially, times have changed, and the need for the bank to provide access to P2P payment solutions is no longer necessary.

If you have additional questions about the discontinuation of Popmoney please reach out to your local branch or call our support team at 276-873-7000 and we would be happy to assist you.

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Send money securely

Send money securely from your bank account to just about anyone with an email or mobile number.

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Request money in a snap

Request money easily from a person or a group with just their email or mobile numbers.

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Money moves directly from bank account to bank account

There's no middle account for you or recipients to transfer money in and out of.

Receiving money is easy

Recipients don't have to have an existing Popmoney® account. All they need is a bank account and email or mobile number.

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Here you will find the pricing for transfers, contact information and FAQs.

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Sending Money

  1. Send to the recipient's email or mobile.
    Tell us who you want to pay and how much. They don't need to have an existing Popmoney® account.
  2. They get notified to deposit their money.
    If they're new, we'll get their bank account information. If they've used Popmoney® before, they probably don't need to do anything.
  3. Done! Money goes directly to their bank account.
    The money goes into their bank account in as little as 1 to 3 business days.

Requesting Money

  1. Request money from a person or group.
    Tell us who you want to collect from and how much. They don't need to have an existing Popmoney® account...
  2. They get notified to pay the request.
    They can pay your request with just a few clicks. We'll send a reminder if they forget.
  3. Done! Money goes into your account automatically.
    You'll get the money in your bank account and a notification that your request has been paid.


From the moment information is sent to the Popmoney® personal payment service, throughout the entire transaction process, it is kept highly secure using industry-leading technology. Popmoney® uses one-time verification codes that are sent to the mobile number or email address where the payment notification was sent to prevent an unauthorized person from fraudulently depositing someone else's payment. The user needs to provide that verification code back to Popmoney® to verify their "ownership" of that mobile number or email address before he/she can deposit the payment. We consider your safety at every step.

About Popmoney®

Popmoney® is offered here at New Peoples Bank and is powered by Fiserv. Fiserv executes 20 billion digital transactions, moving $1 trillion every year. In fact, 55 million people use Fiserv-powered online banking services today, while more than 70 percent of all bill payments made at U.S. financial institutions are processed by Fiserv according to Aite group. Talk about strength in numbers!

Contact Information

Customer Support

Fees & Limits

If you are using the service at Newpeoples.bank, completed standard transactions and receiving money are free. Refer to the tables below for details.

Send Money

Pay FromFee (Free to Receive)Limit Per DayLimit Per 30 Days
Debit Card* Free $500 $1,000
Bank Account Free $2,000 $5,000

Send Money - Next Day

Pay FromFee (Free to Receive)Limit Per DayLimit Per 30 Days
Debit Card* $1.99 $500 $1,000
Bank Account $1.99 $2,000 $5,000

*Debit card limits and additional fees, including overdraft fees imposed by New Peoples Bank, Inc., may also apply.

Fees are charged at the time you send the payment. Please refer to Terms of Use.

Request Money

 RequestFeeLimit Per DayLimit Per 30 Days
Send a request Free $1,000 $2,500
Pay a request Free $2,500 $4,000

There is no fee if your Request is not paid. The fee amount is subtracted from each payment sent to you or, you can choose to transfer the fee to those from whom you are requesting money (note that the fee is included in your payment limits).

Delivery Speed

Delivery speed is when the money is available in the recipient's bank account that they provide when accepting a payment. Recipients can enable auto-deposit to accept payments automatically. Note that banks vary in when they display deposits and most have limited operations on weekends and holidays.

Standard Delivery

Pay FromSend ByRecipient Accepts ByDelivered in as Early as
Debit Card 5pm ET Same Day by 10pm ET Next Business Day
Bank Account 10pm ET Within 2 Business Days 3 Business Days

Deposit Schedule

Pay FromSend ByRecipient Accepts ByDelivered in as Early as
Debit Card Monday by 5pm ET Monday by 10pm ET Tuesday
Tuesday by 5pm ET Tuesday by 10pm ET Wednesday
Wednesday by 5pm ET Wednesday by 10pm ET Thursday
Thursday by 5pm ET Thursday by 10pm ET Friday
Friday thru Sunday Sunday by 10pm ET Monday
Holidays By 10pm ET Next Business Day
Bank Account Monday by 10pm ET Wednesday by 10pm ET Thursday
Tuesday by 10pm ET Thursday by 10pm ET Friday
Wednesday by 10pm ET Friday by 10pm ET Monday
Thursday by 10pm ET Monday by 10pm ET Tuesday
Friday thru Sunday Tuesday by 10pm ET Wednesday
Holidays Within 2 Business Days 3 Business Days

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Popmoney® work?

Popmoney® allows you to send money to friends, family or anyone at all.* If your financial institution offers Popmoney®, you can log onto their online banking site to use Popmoney® there.

If your bank does not offer Popmoney®, you can sign up at popmoney.com. After you enter your Eligible Transaction Account information, you can send or request money from your contacts. They will be notified by email or text message that you wish to send money or are requesting money from them.

You and your contacts will never need to exchange financial account information.

What are different ways I can send money to someone?

You can send money using a recipient's:

  • Email address: your contact will receive an email with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her Eligible Transaction Account.
  • Mobile number: a text message will be sent to the recipient with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her Eligible Transaction Account. If the recipient does not respond to the payment notification after 3 days, a reminder text message will be sent reminding him/her to act on the payment notification.
  • Eligible Transaction Account information (routing and account number): money will be directly deposited into your contact's Eligible Transaction Account. You will also have the option to send the contact an email.

When will the recipient receive the funds?

The timing to receive the funds depends on the type of account used to make the payment. The delivery speed will be displayed when you schedule the payment. It could take additional time if your contact has not used Popmoney® or will have to log in and accept the payment. If you are sending the payment notification through email and your contact wants to collect the funds into an Eligible Transaction Account; s/he must provide his/her Eligible Transaction Account information by 10 EM Eastern Time in order to receive the funds the next business day.

*Terms and conditions apply