VISA® Check Card Fraud Assistance

Fraud Protection Program

With identity theft on the rise, New Peoples Bank is pleased to offer Fraud protection program, an automated system to monitor your VISA® Check Card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity. This service is automatically provided to NPB customers at no charge!

We May Be Calling You!

If there is potential fraud, you'll receive an automated phone call (will display as 844-650-0544 for English or 844-650-0545 for Spanish) or you'll receive an automated text (will display as 844-650-1175 for English or 844-650-1176 for Spanish). Under no circumstances will you be asked for your account number or PIN! To ensure you can be reached, keep us informed of changes to your phone number(s), postal and email addresses. In addition, please notify us in advance of foreign travel.

If a call is received, enter your zip code and follow the instructions, answering "yes" or "no" to validate recent transactions. If the automated call reaches your answering machine, a message will be left containing a phone number and case code. If you do not return the call, future transactions may be declined. In the event of an unauthorized transaction, you will be transferred to a Call Center Analyst. Our goal, quite simply, is to protect you from fraud!

If you are traveling, please contact your local branch so we can assist you in having your card unblocked for those areas of travel.

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