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Safe Deposit Box

All New Peoples Bank full service branches have safe deposit boxes* for rent. Enjoy the safety and convenience of keeping your important papers and belongings in one of our safe deposit boxes. Rent is due annually and can either be billed, or automatically charged to your checking or savings account.


  • Variety of sizes available:
    • 2″ X 5″ is $25.00 yr
    • 3″ X 5″ is $30.00 yr
    • 5″ X 5″ is $40.00 yr
    • 3″ x 10″ is $45.00 yr
    • 5″ X 10″ is $60.00 yr
    • 10″ X 10″ is $100.00 yr
  • Offer safety and convenience for important papers and belongings
  • Available for immediate rental and automatic billing


  • Protection of important items
  • Low annual cost for rental
  • Conveniently located where you bank

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*Contents of Safe Deposit Boxes are not insured by the FDIC


Available Statement Options

Choose from one of the following monthly statements that best fits your business needs.

Paper Statements

This standard monthly statement is delivered via U.S. Postal Service and includes a free 3 ring binder upon request.

All Statements Include

  • Detailed records of your written checks in sequential order
  • All credit & debit transactions displayed by date
  • Deposit & check images written by account holder(s)
  • Month ending balance

Forgot Pin or Lost Token?

If you are unable to access the system with your current ACCESS ID / TOKEN / PIN combination, have lost or damaged the TOKEN, or have forgotten your PIN, call us at 276-873-7000 for assistance.

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To Report a lost or Stolen Visa Check Card

During regular business hours please contact your local branch.

After hours only, please call the emergency support number at 1-800-554-8969.

NPB ATM Locators

Looking for one of our 50,000 ATMs? With New Peoples Bank's affiliation with both the Allpoint ATM Network and AccelExchange, we are pleased to offer you two options through which you may locate your nearest ATM. By clicking on either button below, you will be able to search our network to find your closest location.

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ATM Safety

ATM / Night Deposit User Precautions 


Business Debit Card

Did you know your Business Debit Card can earn uChoose® Rewards Points and your card can be customized to your own personal style or brand?

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Merchant Services

Let us show you a simple, affordable payment processing solution that will help your business grow.

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Business Checking

You work hard for your business. Find the right account to better manage and improve your business today! New Peoples Bank has the right checking or deposit account to help you grow your business.

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