Online Banking Enrollment

There are two ways to enroll in Online Banking

Instant Access

  • If you choose this method you will be able to access your account instantly.
  • You will need to know your social security number and checking account number.
  • You will be asked identity verification questions (These questions are things for which only YOU will know the answer. They're designed to keep someone from fraudulently gaining access to your accounts).

Registration Form Submission

  • If you are unable to use the instant access method or prefer not to answer the identity questions, you can submit a registration form.
  • After submission you will receive two emails.
  • Enrollment using this method could take up to one business day (this does not include weekends or holidays).

Routing, Account, & Check Number Locations:

Sample check image indicating what the numbers are on the bottom of the check. First nine numbers are the routing number, second group of 12 numbers is the account number and the last group of 4 numbers is the check number.

Registration Options

Instant Access EnrollmentRegistration Form Submission