Credit Card Processing

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At New Peoples Bank, we distinguish ourselves by providing payment processing knowledge and tailored solutions that assist our clients in achieving key business objectives. With our years of experience, the goal of our Merchant Services team remains the same: to provide you with the most efficient payment processing while helping you reduce operating costs, improve cash flow, and minimizing exposure to fraud and risk.

We would love the opportunity to do a no-cost savings analysis for your business to show you how much we can save you on a monthly basis.


  • Swipe/EMV/NFC
  • Offline Capability
  • Touch Screen
  • Barcode Scanner


With a Point of Sale system, you will experience benefits in every area of your business, not just at checkout.

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Easy to Use
  • Local Support
  • Expanded Payment Capabilities
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Management
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Simplified Accounting
  • Detailed Receipts
  • Faster Service

Popular Point of Sale Services

Clover® is a state-of-the-art business management solution that helps a merchant streamline their business.

Clover® Station


Run your business like a pro with Clover’s fastest, most secure point-of-sale system yet.

Clover Station is a countertop all-in-one Point-of-Sale (POS) system that swivels from merchant-facing to customer-facing mode for a seamless user experience. Your Station comes with the Classic Plan with more than 20 pre-installed apps to make tasks such as inventory management, taxes, orders, and tables a snap. Station comes with the most advanced protection, such as fingerprint login and built-in encryptions for secure swipe, chip, and contactless payments.

Clover® Station Pro


A smart POS system built for speed and simplicity.

Station Pro gives you one central hub for power and processing. A screen for you, another for your customers. Built for speed and reliability inside and out, Station Pro is designed to be a customer-friendly point of sale that is ready to go right out of the box. Station Pro comes with a high-speed receipt printer that is compatible with handheld Flex, a barcode scanner and other accessories that make running your business faster.

Clover® Go


Built for speed with every swipe, dip, and tap—Clover Go is the easy mobile payments solution.

Clover Go makes it easier – and safer – to take your business to your customers. Whether at the local farmer’s market or at a customer’s job site, you can accept payments on the go, wherever you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

With Clover Go, you have an all-in-one reader for contactless, chip and swipe card payments — including Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay™, and Android Pay™ — right from your personal smartphone or tablet. And it comes with clear, intuitive reporting with powerful insights to help your business grow.

Clover® Flex


The flexible solution designed to meet your full range of payment and point-of-sale needs.

  • Clover Flex is the all-in-one device with the built-in capabilities to help you serve customers better—whether at the counter, in line, at the table or in the salon chair.
  • Easy to hold and easy to hand over to customers to dip, swipe, tap, sign or enter a PIN, Clover Flex delivers the ultimate in flexibility and simplicity in a single device freeing your mind for the things that matter.
  • Clover Flex works seamlessly with other Clover hardware, so you can take orders in line or at the table, and close them at the counter on another Clover device.

Clover® Mini


The all-in-one mini POS system for any business.

Clover Mini lets you accept multiple payment types, so your customers can pay the way they want to, and is packed with tools to make your life easier. Clover Mini offers the functionality, flexibility and security you’ve always wanted, without the hassle of a big business system.


Compare Different Clover Devices

FeaturesClover® StationClover® Station ProClover® GoClover® FlexClover® Mini
Wi-Fi X X X X X
Barcode Scanner/Camera X X X X X
Offline Capability X X X X
Compatible with TeleCheck X X X X
Countertop X X X
Ethernet X X X
Fingerprint Sign-In X X X X X
Gorilla Glass X X
Customer-Facing Touch Screen X
Mobile X X

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